Kol Dodi a special musical version to one of the world’s most beautiful love songs of all time “Shir Ha’Shirim” – The Biblical psalms.

Kol Dodi brings together a unique musical ensemble of Israeli Moroccan, Yemenite and Ethiopian musicians and singers, led by one of Israel’s all-time favorite female vocalists – Mika Karni.

The ensemble’s special sound combines traditional Jewish melodies with African – Ethnic rhythms and a taste of folk/singer-songwriter qualities.

All this creates a musical landscape of Israel, a place where cultures from around the globe are combined to one.

Mika composed and re-arranged the original biblical lyrics, to convey the original story in a modern, intimate and personal way, which takes the listener to a deep and emotional experience.

A full length album will be released on September 2012; the first single immediately received great reviews:

“Mika Karni, joins the text by Shir ha shirim, singing- yearning for love, in the language of the Bible, void of the analogy referred to the Biblical text, the usual lover-Israel vis a vis God, but rather in it’s simple human situations. The song can be listened to without the need to refer to “Casuto” (A biblical interpretational standard). The melody, arrangement and tone, do justice with the text, the music does not force itself on the text, but rather tip toes between the lines, begetting them a classic folk beauty. Karni sings from the bottom of her emotional well, mean fully, convincingly, without being dramatic. A beautiful Nai flute melody garnishes and adds a special delicacy to the song.”

KOL DODI PROJECT had a huge success in the past year in USA & Europe, performed in many festivals and great venues such as SXSW, Lafayette int’l world music, Symphony Space NY, Boston Jewish Music Festival, Kennedy Center Washington, Sfardic Music Festival NY, Rodeph Shalom Philly, Salisbury University, Hall of Arts Annapolis, 6&I Washington, Rialto ethnic Music festival Cyprus, Castle de Lorca JMF Spain, JW3 London and more.

 Mika Karni and the Ensemble recorded their second album “GANAUL” in New York April 2013 and hosted Elio Vilafranca, a well-known Cuban pianist from NY and Cyro Baptista, a very famous percussionist in the world music scene.

This album is going to be distributed all over Europe, USA and the Far east by Centaur Records.

The First Album “KOL DODI” is available on ITUNES